Wolf Wednesday – His POV



When I was writing The Forgotten Fairytales I wrote tons of scenes written from Wolf’s point of view, so many that I considered writing a book from his point of view. The thought makes me giggle. His book would be raunchy and I’d have tons of reviews full of complaints on language. People complain about my language already, imagine what’s going on in Wolf’s brain. Lots of cursing and dirty thoughts. LOL.

So as part of my Wolf Wednesday, I am attaching what would be the first chapter from his point of view. It’s raw and definitely not in publishing condition, but it’s still fun to see what he thinks when he meets Norah.


Enjoy & let me know what you think!!!


Angela ❤


7 thoughts on “Wolf Wednesday – His POV

    1. I love his POV too! I have a ton of scenes from his POV, I’ll have to share more. At one point I planned to write a novella from his perspective. Not totally out of the question, maybe once the third book is done.

      And yes, lots of language comments. Apparently people forget what it’s like to be 17. 😉
      So glad you liked this!!

      1. Thank you!! Can’t wait to read them 😊😊
        A novella would be awesome. I’m so excited for the third book! Lol.

        Haha it’s just pathetic. If you don’t like the language, don’t read it. There’s no need to complain about it!

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