Blog Tour Day 3


Good morning!!

I hope everyone is well caffeinated, because I’m not. One cup of coffee down and I feel like I need a caffeine IV. On top of the tour stops, I will be posting my usual Wolf Wednesday post. Because, yum.

ForgottenFairytales ebook

Here are the stops today:

I’m Shelf-ish

The Silver Dagger Scriptorium

Words I Write Crazy

Literary Musings

Shawna Shauntia


Time for my favorite part of the week. Wolf Wednesday!! Here is a part from book one of the Forgotten Fairytales series.


“Well, if it isn’t the girl who can’t be named.”

The irritation Danielle and her posse gave me was nothing compared to Wolf. A lazy smile played at the edge of his mouth. Gosh, he had that whole smoldering, grunge-look down to a science. When was the last time he shaved?

“You again?”

Waves of brown hair fell along his face as he tipped his head back and soaked up the slight sunshine.

“Were you expecting someone else?”

“No.” I grinned, latching onto the strap of my bag as I walked over to him, like a magnet being pulled forward without any control. “Then again, no one stalks me but you.”

He barked a laugh, one that made chills run up my spine and down my arms. It was deep and full. “What can I say? You’re kind of like a science experiment gone wrong.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Am I supposed to know what that means?”

In the time it took me to blink, he closed the space between us and latched on to my arm, turning it over to my bare forearm. His warm skin hummed against mine, heightening all my nerves with one single touch. I sucked in a sharp breath, unable to back up, though I should have. 

“It’s true,” he murmured. His thumb trailed over my bare flesh where the quill had burned me. There was no trace of the damage, no trace of the nightmare that was yesterday.

“They’ve never not classified someone.” His eyes bolted to mine. The flecks of gold brightened, dimming the scarlet ring around his iris. He cocked his head to one side like a puppy. “You’re going to be trouble, aren’t you?”

“I’m not anything.”

“I think we both know that’s not true.”

Next week I’ll post a Wolf Wednesday from Forget Me Not.

Haven’t read Forget Me Not yet? What are you waiting for????

fighting for freedom

Seriously, Norah is a kick ass character. Love her.

See you tomorrow!




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