The Forgotten Fairytales series


ForgottenFairytales ebookTHE FORGOTTEN FAIRYTALES
(Forgotten Fairytales book  #1)

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 Once upon a time, seventeen-year-old Norah Hart believed in the lure of fairy tales and happily ever afters. That was before she was forced to live in a fairy tale nightmare.

A psychotic, couture-clad, shoe obsessed Princess.
A not-so-charming, alcoholic Prince.
A hot Big Bad Wolf that she absolutely cannot fall for—no matter how well he kisses.

Seventeen-year-old, Norah Hart had no clue when she walked into boarding school, she’d be surrounded by reincarnated fairy tale characters, let alone learn she was one herself. In a world where the lines between good and evil blur, Norah struggles to find her place. When her actions throw off the balance of the fairy tale world and happily ever afters, enemies surface, ready to destroy her at any cost.

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forget me not cover new final.jpgFORGET ME NOT
(Forgotten Fairytales book 2)

“I’ve never been to a ball or followed the yellow brick road, and I sure as hell never imagined myself living in a world of fairytale characters. Most of which want me dead. So when they come, because they will, I need to be ready.”

“And you think you could kill someone?”

“I know I could.”

When the academy in Nottingham burns down, sending in a new slew of fairytale classmates, Norah Hart comes face to face with new challenges, enemies and friendships. But the longer she is in this world, the more she realizes there is no getting out–leaving her with only one option–be prepared.

FORGET ME NOT is the second book in the Forgotten Fairytales series.

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Fire & Fury (Forgotten Fairy Tales,  #3)

This is the next installment in the Forgotten Fairytales series


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