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Never have I ever had sex within hours of meeting a guy. Until I met Kieran DiDomizio. A brooding musician with a voice that consumed me in desire.

The plan was to never meet again. One and done, thousands of miles from home on a National Broadway tour. Little did Ayla Infantino know, their paths would cross again and they’d be stuck together.

There was no avoiding Kieran and his deep green eyes and alpha male presence. No hiding the way their bodies craved one another. But Kieran was Ayla’ best friend’s brother and they were living AND working together. Despite the warnings and the known consequences, Ayla couldn’t stay away from him. But Kieran had a colorful past and a dangerous family, putting Ayla’s family and heart at risk.

TO GET TO YOU is a New Adult novel about love, crazy Italian families and music. Due to the graphic nature of this novel, it is recommended for 18+. This is a STANDALONE novel and the first book in the Wrecking Ball series. A SUMMER WITH YOU is the next novel in the series.



So the last teaser we met CHASE. This teaser we meet ELLIE!!! I love Ellie. She might be my favorite character I’ve ever written. She is insane, quirky and one-of-a-kind.


“Are you okay?” Ellie waved her hand in front of my face. I blinked, letting out a breath I’d been holding for far too long. Glancing in her direction, I’d almost forgotten how cute and quirky she looked. Her swing style dress had jellyfish on it. And those big, brown eyes of her stared at me like I was a problem she wanted to fix. “You look green and not in a good way.”

My leg jiggled in place as I gazed out the window, focusing on a small blue jay perched on a branch nearby. “Is there a good way to look green?” I forced the words out. Coming today was a bad idea. I could leave now, and no one would care, well, except my older sister, Magnolia, who had placed bets on how long I’d make it tonight. She said there was no way in hell I’d walk into the cathedral.

“The Wicked Witch is always a good reason to be green…Kermit the Frog. The Hulk. Yoda. Shrek. Fiona…” Ellie rambled on.

“Now you’re naming fictional characters,” I half laughed.

“True.” She shrugged. “But cool, green characters. Not vomit inducing ones, like you.” She sighed and yanked her purse off the floor of the car and into her lap. The plastic, colorful bag was in the shape of a fish with a big ass mouth at the top where she stuck her hand inside.  “Penis lollipop?”

Ellie yanked out what was indeed a penis-shaped lollipop.

“Oh-my-gosh, why do you have penis shaped lollipops?” I burst out laughing, the tension in my shoulders eased a bit as her giant, brown eyes widened in horror. The patch of freckles on her cheeks flushed pink.

“In case someone needs sugar. Low sugar is a legit problem these days, Pippa.” She sounded so serious, like she was curing world hunger with penis pops. “Also, I went to a bachelorette party three weekends ago, so I snatched like ten, because when in Rome!”

I chuckled, a small tear in my eye as Ellie flaunted the stack of penis pops. The blue fish-shaped purse matched the pin-up style dress with jellyfish designs all over it. Her wardrobe was beyond eccentric. Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus was her inspiration in life. Too bad Ellie looked as innocent as a Disney Princess.

“Sooo…are we going to go inside or sit in the car pondering life and all of its wonders? Hopefully inside because it’s hella hot in here and you turned off the A/C like ten minutes ago, so we’re basically suffocating to death from the inside out. Oh, do you think they’ll have a chocolate fountain? I could throw down some chocolate covered marshmallows. I wanted one at our wedding, but Archer said no, I’d get it all over my dress and cry. I mean, he’s not wrong. I totally would. Do you think they make wedding gown bibs? Maybe if I had a wedding gown bib, he’d say yes…” She rambled on. She spoke as if breathing hindered her ability to get every single word out. She turned to me and perked up. “Ready to go?”

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I am officially the worst at keeping up with this blog. Mostly because life is CRAZY and I have to divide my time with work, mom-ing and writing. So this loses by default.

Well, I have exciting news!! I have a new book coming out!!!! No, it isn’t the third book in the Forgotten Fairytales series (#SORRY). It’s a contemporary NA novel, A SUMMER WITH YOU, which takes place in the same world as TO GET TO YOU.  Despite being the second in the series, both books can be read in any order, though you might want to read TO GET TO YOU first to avoid any spoilers.

summer with you (2).jpg

In TO GET TO YOU, you briefly meet Ayla’s sister, Pippa, and Kieran’s friend Chase. This is THEIR STORY. And it’s a damn good one. Not to toot my own horn, but it’s a fun read with quirky characters, so much hottness and epic love!

One of the readers said A SUMMER WITH YOU is the best book I have written. Which I’m not opposed to believing. It’s SO different than any other characters I’ve explored. Chase is not your typical book boyfriend. He’s witty, honest and bold AF. I think it’s safe to say no one in this book has a filter. In fact, I had to filter myself a bit because too many F-Bombs (#SorryNana)

So, without further ado, I am going to introduce you to PIPPA & CHASE. Enjoy this teaser!!!!!!!

“I have to know something,” Chase asked. I turned, crossing my arms over my chest as he faced me, an entire room separating us and yet it felt as if he were right beside me. The essence of him swirled in the air, unwilling to let me go. “And you have to tell the truth.”

“Because you never lie?” My brow rose.

“Never. I believe in brutal honesty if you couldn’t tell.” His eyes held mine, silently pleading me to tell the truth. To play his little game, despite the warning sirens in the back of my mind.

“Okay, what’s the question?” My stomach knotted.

“If Ayla hadn’t walked in, would you have kissed me back?” He strutted toward me, like a lion aiming for his prey.

My eyes narrowed, not letting him win so easily. “That’s assuming you were going to kiss me.”

Chase smiled like a wicked boy who got whatever he wanted. “There’s no question. If she hadn’t walked in, we’d be having sex right now or I’d go down on you. Either way, we’d be in ecstasy.” My heart pounded in my chest, never once had a guy been so forward as Chase Matthews. Crimson heated my cheeks. “Well, depending on the answer to my question.”

Why was it so hot to listen to him tell me what he wanted to do to me? My entire body woke up, desire awakening something I thought was nonexistent.

If we kissed, I would’ve kissed you back,” I shrugged, maintaining a cool, collected exterior while my insides were screaming at me to close the gap and jump his bones. “But we aren’t.”

“Yet.” He teased and damn if I didn’t feel it all the way to the tips of my curled toes.

I swallowed hard, the knot tightening in my throat as his eyes zeroed in on mine. There was something predatorial about his gaze, almost as if I were being hunted and lured into a trap. It was terrifying yet thrilling. Though Chase could never know, so I did what I did best, play the fool.

My eyes narrowed, ready to use my sister’s reputation to protect me. At this point, it was the only card I had left to scare him off.

“Hasn’t anyone told you Infantino’s are crazy? We’re not the kind of girls guys like you get mixed up with.”

His arms crossed over his chest, a smile ticked at the corner of his cheeks. Shit, I used the wrong choice of words. I had tempted, baited, and hooked Chase without realizing it.

“I think you are exactly the kind of girl I want to get mixed up with.”


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A SUMMER WITH YOU will be out JUNE 25, 2019 ❤


To Get to You – Monday teaser!


We are so close to RELEASE DAY for TO GET TO YOU! It is officially up for pre-order on KINDLE. Click HERE to PRE-ORDER it for ONLY $2.99!!

One of my favorite parts of this novel, is the dynamic between Ayla and her two older sisters, Magnolia & Pippa. Today the scene I am sharing is between Ayla and her sisters. Enjoy!!!

“Explain to me, again, why the hell we have been sitting here for an hour?” I asked, swatting an ant off my leg. The sun had begun its descent, and the mosquitos were out for blood. I was covered in bug bites for sure. Ugh. This sucked. And I left my phone at home so I couldn’t put out an SOS for help.

Magnolia was certifiably crazy. Thinking that made my heart hurt at first but after a beetle crawled up my arm fifteen minutes ago, I lost all sympathy.

“He’s cheating, and I am going to bust his ass.” Magnolia stared hard at the door of the motel like he’d miraculously emerge with his harlot.

“Except you have no clue what he’s doing. It’s all speculation. Can we go? It’s getting late, and it’s—”

“If you pull the birthday card I’m going to punch you in the tit. Catching my husband having an affair is more important than whatever losers you have plans with.” Magnolia snapped. The urge to punch her in the tit emerged.

I blew out a breath and scratched my leg. “How do you know Ethan’s here?”

“The tracking app.” She scoffed as if it was a ridiculous question. “I downloaded it like a month ago. It only works if he has his phone. He conveniently leaves it behind some days.”

I didn’t ask how she knew, because my crazy ass sister tracked his mileage daily on a spreadsheet.

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COVER REVEAL – To Get to You

If you follow me on Facebook, you would’ve seen my cover reveal of TO GET TO YOU this morning!!

tgty cover ebook

I’m pretty much obsessed with this cover. Not only because it’s beautiful, but because I created the cover art, like legit created it. I took the photos of the cover models myself and did all the design.

The pre-order should be up soon!!! I’ll post the link when it’s up and ready to pre-order.

I’ll leave you with a little TEASER!!

“Kieran.” His name rolled off my tongue like a daydream.

“Nice towel.” Kieran’s voice was deep and husky, glancing down with needy eyes to where the towel tightened around my chest. The desire in his gaze flicked away fast as a wiry grin took over his lips. “When women stalk me they usually don’t break in and shower.”

 “I am not a stalker!”

“I know.” His smile faded into something dark and serious. “It appears we never had a proper introduction. I’m Kieran DiDomizio.”